Knowing about alloys preferred for anodizing

The presence of oxide layer protects Aluminium from wear and corrosion. Because of this layer pure Aluminium doesn’t easily wear away. But, presence of other alloying elements in Aluminium makes it exposed to corrosion and abrasion. The best way to protect Aluminium is by creating a solid layer of oxide. There are many techniques to create thick oxide layer for protection of Aluminium alloy one of this technique is anodizing.

Anodizing process is suitable for various materials but Aluminium reacts most efficiently to anodizing process. The process has many benefits but it doesn’t affect the strength of the Aluminium. It is very important to choose the right Aluminium alloy for the anodizing process. The presence of various types of Aluminium alloy with different tempers makes it a difficult task. Basically, alloys are divided into two categories based on their certain physical uniqueness and properties. Every alloy reacts differently with anodizing process which is important to consider while choosing the right Aluminium alloy.

For anodizing process higher quality alloy are considered perfect. In the anodizing process Aluminium is converted into Aluminium oxide to form a thick layer so high quality Aluminium results in a harder and deep layer of oxide. The most used alloys for the anodizing are of alloy series 5000. However, you must note that just getting the right alloy is not enough to guarantee high quality finishes. It is important to get the sheets that are manufactured and sold as Anodized Quality. We stock anodized quality sheets in grade 5005 with laser PVC protection as this product has been manufactured using a special process to ensure a high quality finish without any marks compared to regular alloy 5005 sheets

Anodized Quality - AQ 5005

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